Program Builder

Client: Higher Education Tech Startup
Role: Lead UX Design
Date: 2020 – 2021
Tags: #product-design, #saas, #ui, #ux, #visual-design

Building programs is one of the core tasks that the application supports, and also one of the most complex. So, the problem at hand? Make an inherently tangled ball of UX into a clean and easy to visualize experience.

Part of the “harriness” of building a program, is visualizing the end result as relationships between courses, course groups, program rules, etc. In order to combat that, I employed a nesting structure (Russian nesting dolls, anyone?) to help visualize the relationship between course objects while building a program.

This new and improved feature set is currently under development, with both internal and external stakeholders eagerly awaiting its release.

Check out the full design on Figma, here!

(Use arrow keys or navigation at bottom of screen to move between screens)

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