hi there!

hi there,

i’m shaina antila.

born in the south and raised all over the country, i’ve always been the creative one. with an engineer for a father and an accountant for a mother, it’s no surprise that my strong right brain was paired with an equally strong left brain.

i always thought that there was just art, but in high school i was introduced to the world of design. after graduating from high school in hudson, wi, i packed my bags for the long journey across the river to pursue my BFA in graphic design at the university of minnesota.

in the fall of my sophomore year, i fell deeply in love. while design lit my soul on fire, development was the perfect cocktail of creativity and restraint. after achieving my BFA, i began my career in the design world, with more of my time and interest spent on front end development.

during my time at Collegis Education as a front end dev, my love affair continued and completed my triad of skills with the addition of user experience. i transitioned into the UX discipline with Collegis, and am currently working to further my UI/UX and leadership skills at eLumen in minneapolis, mn. 

shaina in her natural habitat

thanks so much for visiting.

you can reach me here:

email: shainantila@gmail.com

phone: 707-332-4670

location: roseville, mn

or, here!