UI Component Library

Client: eLumen
Role: Lead UX Design
Date: 2020 – 2021
Tags: #ux, #ui, #component-library, #design-system

One of my first tasks once I joined eLumen was to champion a UI component library. When I joined, we were using a product called ZeroHeight, and my first step was to evaluate whether that was the right tool for the job ā€” and if not, figure out what was.

I arrived at an app- and web-based tool called Zeplin. With our remote development teams, usability and accessibility was and is critical.

Zeplin allows for developers to view and create code snippets, as well as store them within GitHub.

Our component library is a collection of patterns that are commonly used throughout eLumen’s properties. New patterns are evaluated by myself and the UX Manager for merit, and then integrated into the library by myself.

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