Bellevue University: School of Psychology

Client: Collegis Education for Bellevue University
Role: Lead UX Design + Strategy
Date: 2019 – 2020
Tags: #ux, #ui, #marketing, #website, #redesign, #cro, #a/b

Bellevue University is a liberal arts college in Bellevue, WA and one of Collegis Education’s largest partners. (Fun fact: they’re also an eLumen partner now!)

I redesigned this page (as well as led strategy) in order to test the hypothesis feeding information being to prospective students “one bite at a time”, versus all at once on page-arrival. The original page featured all program information listed explicitly on this main page, rather than broken out into chunks / sub-pages as seen in the redesign.

This was conducted as a conversion rate optimization (CRO, A/B) test against the original page, won, and was ultimately implemented and can be seen here. Please cruise around and check out the page experience!

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